Pet of the month for August 2020 goes to Milo!

Milo came to visit our clinic as he has been off and on vomiting for the past couple of weeks. He had previously visited another vet approx. one month prior as he had ingested some of his mum’s yoga mat. Due to his history of ingesting items we decided the best thing to do would be to have him straight in for an ultrasound. An ultrasound was performed and unfortunately foreign material was found stuck in his intestines.

That afternoon Milo was taken into surgery with Dr Raj who performed an exploratory laparotomy- this means we had to cut open his abdomen to find & remove the foreign material blocking his intestines.

Milo’s surgery went very well & he woke up and recovered nicely. Since his surgery he has been eating normally & hasn’t had any more vomits.

We would like to thank his mum for being so awesome & doing everything Milo needed to get back to his usual happy self.