Hydrobathing works wonders on your pets coat, the power of a dog hydrobath ensures that your pet's coat is well cleaned right down to the skin, even in double coated dogs.
We use the safest shampoos and conditioners for your furry friends; we use:
A generic shampoo for our normal skin dogs
An oatmeal based shampoo for our sensitive skin dogs. All hydrobaths include a towel dry/blow dry

All this for only $10.00 for a dog <10kg, $20 for a dog between 10.1-25kg and $30 for a dog >25kg

For dogs with skin issues we also do “medicated hydrobaths” at additional $10, this is when your pet is bathed in malaseb shampoo which needs to be left on for 10 minutes.

Hydrobaths are done Monday – Saturday
Weekdays- hydrobaths are done at 11am, 12pm & 1pm
Saturdays- we only do a few baths, between the hours of 10am & 1pm- booking in advance is recommended for weekends.
Your dog will require collection before the end of the hour so the next dog can be bathed.