We have a brand new hydrobath that works wonders on your pets coat, the power of a dog hydrobath ensures that your pet's coat is well cleaned right down to the skin, even in double coated dogs.
We use the safest shampoos and conditioners only the best for your dog we have:
A generic shampoo for our normal skin dogs,
An oatmeal based shampoo for our sensitive dogs and A “purple shampoo” for our White dogs
A staff member will ask you some question to find out what shampoo is right for your dog. They then are toweled dried/blow dried

All this for only $10.00

For dogs with skin issues we also do “medicated hydrobaths” this is when your pet is normally bathed in malaseb shampoo which needs to be left on for 15 minutes.

Medicated hydrobaths are $20.00

We do hydrobaths Mondays – Saturdays
Weekdays- hydrobaths are usually done any time between 10:30am-3:30pm
Saturdays- we only keep a small amount of space open for bathes, which means booking in advance is recommended.