Our clinic is equipped to perform most types of surgeries with modern technology. Here at Atwell-Aubin Grove Vet, we pride ourselves on highest safety standards. Our surgical area is completely sterile and we use the safest and modern anaesthetics very similar to an operating theatre in a human hospital. Our vets perform a vast range of operations from simple to highly complicated orthopaedic procedures such as desexing, exploratory surgery, caesarians, tumour and lump removals, wound stitch ups, intestinal obstructions, cruciate repair, fracture repair and many more.
As with human surgery, our vets scrub up, wear surgical gowns and safety protection as well as using autoclaved instruments throughout the procedure. We are also equipped with up to date monitoring equipment. The surgical bed is heated for the comfort and wellness of our patients who are continually monitored. A fully trained vet nurse assists and monitors the pet throughout the procedure.
All patients here at Atwell-Aubin Grove Vet that undergo sedations and general anaesthetics are placed on IV fluid treatment to maintain blood pressure and to ensure a safe, smooth & quick recovery after the procedure.