Pet of the month for May 2019 goes to this handsome boy Austin.

Austin was brought down to visit Dr Raj because he was off his food and very lethargic. On exam it was noticed that he had very pale gums and was painful when having his abdomen palpated, there was no history of being able to have any contact with any rat sak poison or trauma. It was decided that a blood test was required to see what was going on internally. The blood test showed that his red blood cells were very low to the point where he would require a blood transfusion. An ultrasound was then performed to rule out any tumours as the source of bleeding in his abdomen and chest cavity, nothing out of the ordinary was found.

A further specific blood test was submitted to the laboratory as Raj was concerned that he in fact had immune mediated haemolytic anaemia, which is an autoimmune disease where the body’s own immune system starts to attack its own red blood cells. The test came back the next day confirming Raj’s suspicions. Austin was started on a course of immunosuppressive medications to stop the immune system from attacking his own cells.

Austin has made a massive improvement since being on his medication, his gums ar getting their colour back and he is back to his bouncy playful self. He will require constant blood tests to monitor his levels, but he is so lucky to have the wonderful family he does who are keeping on top of it all!