Pet of the month for March 2020 goes to Sharon.
Sharon is a 10yr old Cavoodle and come to us for her regular groom as well as all her vet work, during one of her grooming appointments our groomer Natasha noticed some blood coming for Sharon vulva. Dr Raj took a sample of Sharon urine and tested it showed that she did have blood in her urine therefore was put onto antibiotics as she has a suspected UTI. Sharon went well on her course of antibiotics and the infection had seemed to have cleared up, however soon after she has finished her medication, Sharon mum notice that she was licking more at her vulva and there was still discharge, but Sharon was still able to toilet fine. Dr Raj decided it was best to book Sharon in for an ultrasound to have a better look.
Sharon then had the ultrasound, during the ultrasound the sonographer found what look to be a foreign body in Sharon vulva, so she was booked to have a general anesthetic and for Dr Raj to scope her vulva to see if he could find the potential foreign body. After 20 minutes Dr Raj was able to remove a large grass seed from Sharon vulva. She was sent home that afternoon and recovered well from her procedure.
However Sharon story doesn’t finished there, 15 days after her surgery Sharon owner found her playing with a snake, lucky for Sharon her owner rushed her down to see Dr Raj, she has blood test taken to confirm the snake bite and was put onto IV fluids to help her flush out the toxins and was also given antivenom and monitor through out the day. She responded well to thee treatment and was sent home the same day.
Sharon is now doing really well. We wish the best for her and thank you to her family for being such great and committed pet owners.