Pet of the month for February 2020 goes to Theo! Theo is a 2-year-old Labradoodle who was brought down to visit us after going to WAVES one evening for vomiting. They put Theo on IV fluids and took some x-rays of his abdomen because he is known to eat things he shouldn’t. As they thought x-rays showed something suspicious looking in his intestines. After spending the night at WAVES Theo’s mum brought him to us to have an ultrasound performed to confirm these suspicions. Unfortunately, the ultrasound did just that- he did in fact have a foreign body (an item that gets stuck in the intestinal tract after ingestion) in his small intestine. Unfortunately for Theo and his family in 2018 Dr Raj performed the same procedure to remove some rope toy he had ingested while playing with it. Dr Raj performed the surgery on Theo and after 2 hours he removed a hair scrunchie from Theo’s small intestine.

Theo was extremely brave from start to finish and woke up very well after his surgery. Due to the severity of his ingestion and how unwell he was we decided it would be best for him to be monitored at WAVES overnight. He was discharge from WAVES the next day.

This cheeky boy is going to be watched like a hawk now to make sure he doesn’t ingest anything else. We would like to thank his wonderful owners for doing everything that Theo required, he is very lucky to have you all!