This brave and lovely boy is Ollie. He is a 13 year old Maltalier. Ollie’s owner brought him to us with a sudden onset of a distended abdomen. On clinical examination, Dr Raj noticed he was quite painful on palpation of his abdomen. 

An ultrasound was performed straight away and it showed a Large mass approx 12-15cm in diameter in the abdomen. We collected ultrasound guided samples and submitted to lab to help determine what the mass might be. Luckily for ollie the results came back as benign fatty cells, this is a very uncommon place for a fatty mass to have occurred. After a brief discussion of the findings with his owners, Ollie’s was then taken to surgery. Dr Raj performed the tricky surgery and managed to remove the mass successfully the mass weighted 1kg, which was 15% of his body weight. He has recovered rapidly and is doing very well at home.

We wish the best for him and take this opportunity to thank his owners Linda & Doran for being so committed to Ollie’s needs.