Pet of the month for March 2019 who is yet another culprit of eating items they shouldn’t is Noddy! Noddy came to visit us last month and she had been off of her food for a couple of weeks. She had just recently moved house with her mum so at first it was thought that maybe she was a little stressed and needed time to get used to her new home. Her mum bought her lots of different foods to try all of which she nibbled at but would never fully finish. After keeping a close eye on her, her mum noticed that she was now starting to throw up the food she was consuming and needed to bring her in for a check-up. 
Little Noddy has had a history of eating things she shouldn't as has required surgery before so Dr Roan decided the best thing was to go straight a head with an ultrasound the next day. Unfortunately for Noddy and her mum this showed us that she did in fact have an item sitting inside her jejunum (part of her intestinal tract) which required immediate removal. Dr Raj came in and performed the procedure which showed us that Noddy had gone and eaten the rubber part of a dummy! Lucky for her the surgery went very smoothly with no complications. 
Noddy went home the next day and was already a lot happier in herself, she started eating again and was even trying to steal mum's food off her plate!! We would like to thank her mum Elise for being amazing and doing the very best for naughty Noddy.