Pet of the month for September 2019 goes to Lily and Marley! Both of these cuties came to visit Raj from other clinics due to having a suspected obstruction in their gastrointestinal tract. They both seen by the vets as they were vomiting and showing signs of lethargy; once it was suspected that they had a foreign body they were transported to see Raj the next morning for further investigation. From there we had our mobile ultra-sonographer come out to the clinic to confirm prior to putting them under the general anaesthetic. Just as we thought, they both had one and straight away went into surgery to remove them. Marley had eaten one of his cats’ toy and Lily had eaten part of an old toy she had.

Foreign bodies can be life threatening due to post operation complications; during the procedure either their stomach or a part of intestine, sometimes has to be cut into. There is a high risk of the wound breaking down and either infection or the potential of their stomach contents to leak into their abdominal cavity. Lucky for these 2 their surgeries went very smoothly and they recovered as if nothing had ever happened. Their owners now have to be very careful to make sure they do not ingest anything else; this is because the more procedures they have to have the greater the risk due to scar tissue.

We would like to thank both of their parents for being so good to them and allowing us to provide them with the best care possible. For everyone else at home please be very careful with what is left around the house- any toys that start to be broken down throw away and if you have a problem child that likes to eat everything and anything- do your best to keep what you can out of reach! We know it’s easier said than done.