Pet of the month for August 2019 goes to Guess (8-year-old Bichon x Poodle) and Henry (8-year-old Maltese x Shih Tzu).

These two special boys were diagnosed only a few weeks apart, both with diabetes, they have been coming for regular visits for treatment here at the clinic for the past year. Alison, their amazing owner always goes above and beyond to make sure these two are getting all the correct treatment. They have to visit the clinic regularly for blood glucose testing and Alison has to inject them both twice a day with insulin. She definitely has her hands full with these two but they are now amazing patients during treatment and Alison is now so confident. Both Henry and Guess are both stable and managing well thanks to Alison’s efforts.

Diabetes is a condition where the blood glucose levels rise and affect various organs of the body. It is managed through diet, insulin injections, regular glucose level monitoring via blood test.

We would like to thank Alison and Adam for being such incredible dog parents, it was super unlucky to have both dogs diagnosed but they look after them both so well.