This is the beautiful Kate, a 9 year old greyhound.

Kate was presented to us with a large lump under her muscles of the abdomen. She had an ultrasound done to confirm that the lump is not originating from her organs in the abdomen. The ultrasound suggested that the lump is located between the innermost layer of her abdominal muscle and peritoneum (layer covering her abdominal organs). A fine needle aspirate of the lump was performed and it was suggestive of just a blood clot. Further tests were performed to check her clotting factors and platelet function, which all came back normal. She was eventually diagnosed with a bleeding disorder called Fibrinolytic syndrome.

The Fibrinolytic syndrome occurs when the body forms a clot as normal, but other chemicals in the bloodstream dissolve the clot too early, so that bleeding starts again. With this disorder the patient is prone to developing bruising or haemtoma after any trauma or excessive bleeding after routine surgical or dental procedure.

Unfortunately, there is no blood or genetic test to find out in advance whether a greyhound will suffer from this problem. All of the standard blood clotting tests come back normal in these greyhounds.

It appears that giving anti-fibrinolytic medication can reduce the risk of these complications. For this reason, it is recommended a course of an anti-fibrinolytic agent known as Tranexamic Acid, at the time of any surgical or dental procedure in affected greyhounds. This medication stops blood clots from breaking down too soon.

We would like to thank Kate’s owner Kirstie for bringing her to us and taking such good care of her.