Pet of the month for January 2020 is Fifi! Fifi came to visit us last month and she had been off of her food for a couple of days and also vomiting. She isn’t known for getting hair balls or eating things she shouldn’t, so it was decided to give Fifi some medication to help the vomiting and Dr Raj advised for Fifi to come back in 24 hours if she no better for further investigation.

Little Fifi unfortunely was no better the next day so Dr Raj arrange an abdomen ultrasound, the ultrasound showed us that she had a string like object in her jejunum (part of her intestinal tract) which required immediate removal. Dr Raj performed the procedure which showed us that Fifi had gone and eaten approx. a meter string of wool! It was a long surgery as doctor Raj had to remove the wool from the stomach as well as in two places in the intestinal tract. Lucky for her the surgery went very smoothly with no complications.

Fifi went home the next day and was already a lot happier in herself, she started eating again, she has now fully recovered!! We would like to thank her mum Jane for being amazing and doing the very best for cheeky Fifi 😊